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Healing Puentes 

The goal is to have these services accessible to everyone regardless of your economic situation. The cost for any service will be determined by a sliding scale. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me for a 20-30 minute video call consultation at no cost.


-Family language interpretation calls

-Biological family search

-Document retrieval (Colombian Birth certificate)

-Initial reunion meeting support in Colombia

-DNA testing assistance w/bio family

-Homeland tour/guide in city/town


Adoptive family members

-Guidance when your  son or daughter begins their search or when they start thinking about it

-Cultural online 4-5 week class (TBD)


Biological family

-Post reunion support as needed to bio mother or other family members to address different expectations/culture
-Virtual language interpretation calls to communicate with their son/daughter
-DNA testing assistance

-Online group support call for first mothers

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