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Dear fellow adoptee,

Welcome to this journey which is unique and personal to each adoptee who begins the search to find their biological family. Wherever you may be in your process, I am here to guide and support you during the various phases such as pre-search, active search, and post search in the case of reunification with the biological family. There is no timeline, as I will follow your pace as sometimes it is necessary to take breaks in the search.

Many challenges can arise such as misunderstandings or lack of support from your adoptive family members, unexpected information about your biological family, and or the possibility of not being able to locate your family. All of this can take an emotional toll. I have been there and often times it can bring up many feelings such as confusion, fear, excitement, and/or a change in how you see your own identity.

Remember the most important person in this process is you, your needs, and listening to what is best for you. I know this can be hard especially if there are roadblocks in the actual search or if you are receiving resistance from people in your family or social circle.

I know that there are many decisions that we take into account when deciding to look for our biological families. If you have no interest in locating your biological family that is fine also, as it is a very personal decision and everyone has their own process with no judgement either way.

My hope is that whether your biological family is located or not, that you are able to find some healing, inner peace, and/or transform any feelings of lack, not feeling good enough, or that part of you is that is missing. The pain caused any type of abandonment, separation, betrayal can be transmuted into something else, it isn’t easy and hurts along the way, but is possible as I can say I have been through it myself.

With much love and light,



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