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About Me

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In 1980 I was born in Bogotá, Colombia,  and was adopted eight months later to the United States with my twin sister, where I was raised by an Italian American family in upstate NY. I received my Bachelor of Social Work degree from La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Afterwards, I completed a Master degree in Social Work from Monmouth University with a specialization in International and Community Development.
My 13+ years experience in Social Work has been primarily centered around children, youth, and families, preventing the separation of families and reunifying families in the foster care system.  I also spent four years as a school Social Worker in the public school system in Washington, DC. I served as a Peace Corp volunteer in the youth, family, and community sector in the Dominican Republic from 2005-07 focusing on youth development, education, and community development projects.
I first learned of my biological family circa 2008 after a contact was able to locate them with the information that we had from our adoption papers.  I was finally able to meet them in 2012, after I had time to emotionally prepare myself to make contact and for the encounter.  In October 2016 I moved to Bogotá, Colombia and happily continue to reside in Bogotá to this day. 


It has been a challenging but rewarding journey with many tears, uncertainty, confusion, healing, learning, and self growth above anything else.  I spent around eight years in therapy to address common adoption themes/wounds around abandonment, attachment, separation anxiety, and grief and loss. I would not have changed how anything occurred as it has helped me be where I am today to maintain and create the relationships that are important to me in the present moment.
My hope is to share what I have learned not only from my social work profession but also from my personal experience as an international adult adoptee who has come full circle to be able to support and guide others in their process and that are thinking about locating their biological families. I am bilingual and bicultural and have knowledge navigating the various public entities related to a search.

Thank you for visiting the website. I hope you find it helpful and if and/or when you are ready I will follow your lead and pace.  Please feel free to contact me at the email address provided if you have any questions :)

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