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Search investigator or angel ethics

Below you will find a code of conduct that myself and Dr. Susan Branco have created to help guide you when looking for an investigator and recommendations to follow throughout the whole search and reunion process.

Click below to read more about what this looks like

Search and reunion

Here is another resource when contemplating about searching for your first or biological family by ICAV  

Emotional health

When we are born the separation between a mother and child is considered a traumatic loss.  Below you will find some links to topics such as attachment theory, how to identify your primary attachment style and how it can impact your personal relationships at work, with family, or your significant person.


There are also links to how to find a therapist.  Keep in mind that therapy is a gift to yourself and a way to help us understand ourselves and begin to heal the unseen wounds that can result from adoption and how they could manifest in our adult lives if not addressed or made conscious.


*When looking for a therapist, it's important to think about what feels most comfortable to you taking into consideration the gender, age, race, etc. and it's ok to "shop around" or discontinue with one if they don't feel right to you. It can take time to find a good match. 

Grow beyond words directory

Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.) 

Psychology today 

The 5 wounds of the soul: rejection, abandonment, injustice, humiliation and/or betrayal Wounds of the soul | Well Therapy

Attachment theory:
Attached - The Science of Attachment - Anxious and Avoidant Loving 

Attachment Styles: Take the Quiz to Discover Your Attachment Style

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