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Welcome to Healing Puentes

Reconnecting with who we are...

Healing  Puentes' purpose and mission is to guide and support adoptees in the search and reunion process with biological families during the pre-search, active search, and post-search with emotional  accompaniment including the initial reunion and beyond.


The vision is to guide, explore and remember who we are by reclaiming aspects of our identify that have been lost by using our voice and personal power to reshape our adoption story.


Many unexpected emotions may arise for all parties involved, including the adoptee, the adoptive family and biological familiy.  As an adoptee myself, finding one’s origin can be healing, unpredictable, and anxiety-inducing, as one does not know what will be learned or found. 


There is not a specific timeline for the search, as it is a personal journey, unique to each adoptee.  My own search had various pauses as I needed time to emotionally process the new information before moving forward and connecting with my biological family.  


Another area of support is directed toward the adoptive families who may find it difficult/confusing when their family member begins their search for their biological families.  This is a delicate process that can invoke a range of emotions including anger, excitement, fear and insecurities, for both the adoptee and adoptive family member(s).


The third area of support that will be available is for biological mothers and families looking for their family member that was adopted from Colombia. Access to DNA tests will eventually be available to biological mothers at no cost.  Many adoptees have little to no information of their biological family and DNA testing and this type of matching may be the only way to connect and locate them.

Regardless of the final outcome of the search, healing can occur if we are open to the process and and accept whatever it may bring. This takes courage.

Mission: Bienvenido
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